We have a systematic Order entry process to support rigorous assessments throughout various processing stages. These exhaustive measures are at the heart of our success. They maintain a zero-error process, efficiency, and swift services.

 Our team of professional Billing experts are well versed in the United States’ healthcare industry. They use their expertise to foster investigations and quality decision-making.

Our Order confirmation team evaluates each demographic entry and order field individually before signing it in the Billing Software. The audit aims at attaining maximum accuracy and eliminates 99% of the errors. 

Resupply order processing

After a successful PA, your orders are processed accordingly. The process includes order entry, documentation review, and verification of orders paid before submitting the order in the workflow. 

Consignment order processing

This whole process is completely managed by us. This lets your team manage only by exception during the consignment order processing as per the requests. This part of the service includes documentation review, patient & order entry, EV/PA, and order confirmation.  

Order confirmation

This is the back-office step during the whole augmentation process. This is where QA takes place to review all physical documentation, and data elements to ensure that the order is clean and ready for billing.