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Where Will DME Billing Be in the Next One Year

Where Will DME Billing Be in the Next One Year?


Do you want to know where DME Billing will be in the next one year? You will find answers to this question shortly.


Perhaps you may be new to DME or you are hearing the term for the first time, no problem just keep reading.


What is Durable Medical Equipment Billing?


Having explained what DME is all about, it is important to understand DME billing.


Durable Medical Equipment Billing is all about managing both the front-end and back-end activities necessitated for submitting and getting paid for a claim from an insurance company effectively.


Where Will DME Billing Be in the Next One Year?

Do you want to know where DME Billing will be in the next one year and beyond?


DME (Durable Medical Equipment) or HME (Home Medical Equipment) has witnessed an upward trend in the past few years.


DME billing needs a deep knowledge of reimbursement regulations of Commercial plans, Medicaid, Medicare, Medicaid, and caveat.

Moreover, DME billing necessitates keeping updated with all the changes taking place in the reimbursement guidelines, documentation, ICD-10 requirements, and continuous sticking to quality.

Demand for Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

The enrolment for Medicare has to be a continuous process with number reaching about 50.8

There will be an increased demand for Durable Medical Equipment as the population of people above 65 in America increases in the future.

RCMadept Billing Solutions are Helping to Expand DME Billing

With the implementation of the best industry practices for DME billing with technology and human efforts by RCMadept Billing Solutions, the future of DME billing services is great.


DME Future for Suppliers

It is noteworthy that for the past 4 years, there had been a constant drop in the number of DME suppliers.

CMC has executed major transformations to viable bidding that will help push price up in the next one year.

DME Market Size

In 2019, the market size for DME in the United State was USD 49.9 billion and is expected to increase in the next year.

The most important factors driving the general demand for HME or Home Medical Equipment include increasing an aging population, rapid technological developments, and the increase in prevalence of chronic disease.

Increase in product approvals are anticipated to further increase the demand for DME billing services in the nearest future.

Looking Forward at the HME Billing Industry


Looking forward to the future of DME/HME billing industry, DME billing service providers have the following choices:


  • Try as much as possible to forge ahead of the curve, adjust the game plan, build their disruption, and work towards linking their HME billing services to those who will take advantage of them in ground-breaking and new ways.
  • Wait for a new government body or congress to make a change to the current obstacles and policies confronting DME billing service providers.
  • Wait for a business giant, observe the opposition to disrupt the industry, and follow suit depending on the market shifts and achievements of others.


Come January 1, 2021, an updated Bid Program and DME billing will be executed for DME billing services.


Final Thought

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