Information Security

Your data and content security is our topmost concern and we understand the importance of it for your business integrity. We have developed and maintain some of the best and strictest security measures, guidelines, and parameters over the years across the health care industry. RCMadept follows the international standards in terms of electronic data transfer securely over different mediums to deliver its services. We use widely accepted online security protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to manage all electronic data transfers and transactions for the highest level of data and content security to achieve further HIPAA compliance.

We value the needs of our clients and at the top of that list is the need for confidentiality. Don’t worry, our system is impenetrable. We maintain top-notch security measures by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to oversee the transfer of electronic data. It is the highest-ranking security protocol in the online message broadcast industry. It protects verbal and written data from hackers during transmission. We have implemented the following guidelines in our security system to further align with HIPAA measures.

          RCMadept adheres to all the defined procedures for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission set by the International Organization. 

          We sign & submit the HIPAA confidentiality agreements to our clients before offering our services. Our employees get regular HIPPA training and they sign the HIPAA agreement following the completion of their training to ensure the highest level of professionalism. 

          For your electronic data transfer and transactions, you can prefer your choice of RDP and VPN to work with us. 

          We implement controlled and restricted access or authorization by bio-metric and proximity card systems within the facility premises and no one is allowed without photo ID cards issued to them.

          We adopt the standard security surveillance and CCTV monitoring system at all entry/exit points and within the facility premises. 

          We restrict the use of social networking websites/apps during work hours inside the workplace. 

          We don’t allow the use of mobile phones within the premises; only the authorized managers are allowed to use their devices for work-related operations and activities. For internal communication and data sharing, we use a secured intranet platform.

          There is a HIPAA business associate agreement between RCMadept and its corporate email service provider duly signed by both the parties. 

          We use a centralized anti-malware system and highly secured data servers to store all the information and protect them against any online threat, hacking, virus, or malware attack.

          We never share any PHI data electronically. We have a separate secured intranet platform for that.

          We are equipped with professional security services and personnel for 24-hours security at all points inside and outside of the premise.