RCMadept is a medical billing company founded by Sean Richard in the year 2019 in Florida (United States). The company offers its specialized services and process outsourcing for Home Medical Equipment (Durable Medical Equipment) billing solutions. With years of experience in the healthcare industry, the company’s founder understands the frustration and challenges HME providers face while managing their billing department. The aim behind founding the company is to offer full-service billing solutions to the professionals in the HME/DME industry.


As a next-gen Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Company, RCMadept is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology solutions and state of the art process in the healthcare business with the support of industry experts. The company primarily offers two services – End to End Billing and Staff Augmentation – for HME providers to improve their overall profitability. With our End to End Billing services, you can completely outsource your billing operations to us and if you already have an in-house HME billing team, you can scale up your business with staff augmentation and process outsourcing for specific needs. For more details, check the dedicated service pages. 


We are accountable for our services and guarantee the utmost proficiency and accuracy throughout the medical billing processes. You can call us any time to discuss your HME business and how we can take it to the next level; you will never be disappointed with our response and service offerings.